to the point of convergence

where light meets dark

and mountain greets sea

where words take form

and flavors tell the story

where the infinitesimal + grandiose

are at once the same

hey there!

My name is Missy Kieffer.  I am, what you might call, a serial entrepreneur; A bodyworker, sustainable food specialist, maker, and advocate for holistic wellness + simple living.  My husband and I are adventurers by nature, and feel most at home while traveling from coast to coast, across the oceans, into the mountains, and everywhere in-between. We are co-founders of MISSILLE and ELIXIR HERBACULTURES and utilize our travels to meet new people, experience new arts and draw inspiration from wherever we land.  I also am a Licensed Massage Therapist and practice integrative bodywork + wellness consulting.

Part of my mission is to help people (myself included) find deeper connections with their own bodies + the world around them. I believe this is done through sharing story. Listening, touching, breathing… tuning in at a level that pays attention to both the large + the small. It’s a project of including all experiences, so that we can come back to a middle point and feel the pleasures of the extremes.

This is what I call Balanced Living.